Creativity and Innovation…….. “Competitive advantage”

In today business almost everybody is spending more time improving the quality of their products/service.

This makes it every time more difficult for any organization to compete.

If an organization wants to be competitive, the quality of the service/products is crucial.

To survive in a competitive market, you cannot keep doing what you have been doing or what everybody does.

You have to start thinking outside the BOX.

You must come up with new ideas, be creative, and try out things you have not done before.

One way of doing this is:

Make use of your employees. (groups, teams). One thing is for sure: employees have excellent ideas, which can be used by organizations in a positive way.

This can be done through brainstorming sessions. After the brainstorming sessions, there are different quality management tools one can use to organize these ideas.

Creativity is very important if you want to have an advantage over competitors.

Creativity and Innovation goes hand in hand.

1.Creativity is the first part: it’s about thinking outside the box, about being creative.

(Basic categories: visualization, modification, combination, exploration)

2.Innovation is making these ideas reality!

If management and employees work together: THEY CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.

It’s all about teamwork.


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