Employee Empowerment….. the next step to succes.

Nowadays in almost every book, article or discussion people are talking about EMPLOYEE EMPOWERMENT.


Do you know exactly what empowerment means? Are you willing to practice it in your company?

Some managers believe that when they empower their employees, their employees are the ones leading and controlling the entire company!

Just for your information: this is NOT the reality.

Empowerment is nothing more than:

Giving employees control over their work, and a chance to openly share ideas and suggestions for the benefit of the organization.

When employees feel they are important / being recognized, they will become like partners of the organization.

Employee empowerment has some great advantages.

One of them is that employees will commit themselves to their organization and their goals.

…………Committed employees deliver better products/services.

………….they give feedback to their managers, and also ways they think the organization could improve their processes/ services/ products.

Committed employees are critical to stay competitive in this modern world.

So don’t be afraid to empower your employees.

If you are a leader/manager don’t forget that employee empowerment will take you to the NEXT level.

It will continuously improve your products/service, which in turn will lead to happy customers.


3 thoughts on “Employee Empowerment….. the next step to succes.

  1. The problem today is management don’t really care about their employees. It’s all about getting the product out the door. I feel that having a good relationship with the employees and getting their feed back the company will succeed. Who knows the job better then the ones who do it day in a day out. For even ISO say what you do, do what you say, and be able to prove it. Without the employee involvement / empowerment you will not have a very good quality program.

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  2. Empowerment is shared. Asking for input, ideas and solutions without sharing those insights is just more work for the employees. Great managers and management engage employees continuously and are secure enough to listen to new thoughts or insights.
    How do they do it? Walking around for 30 minutes a day speaking to your employees, or stakeholders does not suggest empowerment. People (not just employees) expect to have a voice and are better informed than at any other time in history. Digital access is less intrusive and more scalable.

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