Are your customers satisfied?

For any company (not applicable to Public sector) customers are of great importance.

Getting new customers is important, but losing customers is a bigger issue.

When people start doing business with you, it is because they have some expectations about your service, and/or products.

“We want our customers to be happy”

Even when customers are happy with your service and/or products: customer wants and needs will change constantly, so you have to be aware of that.

We have to remember that: Customers will leave your company if they are unhappy with the service they get.

Many managers think their organizations “care” for their customers, that their products/service fulfill their customer’s needs.

Others feel comfortable when the amount of complains are LOW: “they assume their customers are HAPPY”

Companies have to do more about customer retention. What can we do to keep our customers? That’s the question.

We only devote a small percentage of our time and effort to this matter.

Companies spend a lot of energy and money in getting new clients (customers) but after a short period of time they leave because they are unhappy.

THIS is waste of time and money.

We think we know our customers, and this makes us believe we know exactly what they want.

But the reality in most organizations is the contrary.

Do you, or your company:

1.  Talk to your customers about products/service they are receiving from you?

  1. Ask your customers what they think you can improve?

3.  Really commit to solve your customers problems, concerns?

(The way you talk, deal and care for the customers)

We as organizations, we have to ask THEM (the external customers) what they really think or want from us.

Management has to get feedback from customers. This information is the key to customer satisfaction.

There are different methods you can get customers to talk, so you can MEASURE  Customer satisfaction.

This can be done for instance through:

– Surveys

– Focus groups

– Customer reviews

Customer satisfaction has to be measured regularly (your organization can decide the frequency) to improve the products, and or service.

The important part is when you measure, YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING WITH THIS DATA; analyze it, use it to improve, to adapt, and/or to change.

Unhappy customers are a threat. They can have a negative impact on your business.

So you have to try to improve your product/service to satisfy their needs.

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