Training and Education…….. My very own experience.

Investing in your employees is important, and having a manager who believes in employee development is an even more important factor in continuous improvement.

This is my OWN story.

I am the Quality Manager of the Red Cross Blood Bank Foundation Curaçao.

Curaçao is a small island in the Caribbean. I have studied in Holland.

After my study I went back to Curaçao.

In my daily work as a quality manager, I knew I was missing something to keep moving myself and the whole organization forward. I knew I needed to learn more, to close the remaining gaps. One important thing is, to acknowledge that you have some gaps, and realize that you have to do something about it.

A very good friend of mine kept telling me to invest in myself, in my future. I became a member of the American Society of Quality (ASQ). We sat down and made a training plan. The Director of the Red Cross Blood Bank Curaçao, approved my plans.

Becoming a member of this organization was an amazing feeling. Being able to talk to quality professionals helped me in some way. I became more and more passionate about quality.

In the last 2 years I got 3 certifications and going for nr. 4 in October 2015.

This was the best thing I could have done.

I became so passionate about quality, that I started using quality management tools at home, during baseball training, at the supermarket, Everywhere.

ASQ have changed my way of thinking, acting, and leading the organization where I work.

No one knows everything, that’s why we must keep improving ourselves. I love to talk and try to learn more everyday.

My motto: Everyday is a chance to learn something new.

The biggest impact on my behavior was: attending the ASQ World Conference on Quality Improvement this year (2015). Being able to see and talk to a lot of professionals encourage me more and more, also being able to discuss topics, and hear their opinion was amazing.

Developing oneself also benefits your organization, that’s why we do it ! It’s a way to remain competitive.

This was also the case at the Red Cross Blood Bank Foundation Curaçao.

Positive results for the organization:

1.Better communication skills. This is of crucial in leading, managing and communicating with the rest of the employees.

2.Motivate employees so they will commit to the organization and their goals.

Leaders/managers have to be role models, and so they have walk the talk.

  1. Develop new skills


Work together as a team

Brainstorm about new ideas to improve

Become customer focused.

All this was accomplished during the last 2 years.

How employees work, and what they deliver has a lot to do with management, and if you can communicate through open channels and be a good leader / manager, great changes can take place.

I am very passionate about quality, and now quality became my HOBBY.

I am NOT telling you to become a member of the American Society for Quality, you can do it through other organizations, the fact is:

Training and education can do a lot for you and your organization.

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