How to deal and communicate with your customer: External Customer.

Companies cannot exist without customers. So customers are a very important part of any business.

Effective communication is crucial in dealing, and caring for customers.

How we treat our customers plays an important role, if they will stay and continue doing business with us.

We need to remember that customers hear and feel the way they are spoken to, and the way they are being disrespected.

Very important in communicating with customers is: body language. (Non-Verbal communication)

Body language says MORE then the spoken word!

It’s the first thing a customer will notice, and so the first experience to stay or leave.

When someone walks into your business, and the first thing they see is: employees just hanging around (annoyed by the customer), this will have a negative impact on your customers.

Always remember that a smile goes a long way when dealing with customers.

Listen to the customer, and respond in a nice and friendly way. Make them feel important (THEY REALLY ARE).

Positive body language:

-Be friendly

-Be enthusiastic

-Greet every customer walking in

-Be alert

-Sit up straight

-Pay attention to who is talking to you

We as service providers, we have to anticipate and deliver more then the client expect, in a nice, friendly and professional way.

We need them just as much, if not more, than they need us.

2 thoughts on “How to deal and communicate with your customer: External Customer.

  1. This is indeed very true.However it is just as important that the “internal customer” is satisfied.If your staff is not happy, if there are issues which have to be attended, your internal customer will not be happy. And this definitely will reflect in their attitude towards the external customer. Internal customer satisfaction enquetes should be implemented as well. Good and regular internal communication, positive feedback, give each other compliments, clarity about responsabilities, follow-up on pending matters, PDCA circle applications among others will make Quality everybody’s own and personal issue, thus reflecting this to the external customer as well. Quality is all about happy people working to make people happy

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