Do you really believe in QUALITY?

Every company / organization, lets say everyone is talking about quality.
Quality became a very hot topic these last few years, and will be more important in the future.
There are quality articles everywhere. People reading about quality topics online, in magazines and in books.

The quality of your products and/or service is crucial not only for your clients but also for your organization.

It’s about making your customers happy thru your products and or services.

But do you really believe in quality? Do you ?

This is a very important question, and of course the answer will be:

Some of you will even get mad if someone ask you this question. And a small percentage will just smile.

Owners, leaders, managers, and employees, are you sure quality is priority number one for you and your organization?

We can say a lot about quality, but if you don’t mean it, or practice it, it is and will be a waste of your time.

There are a lot of speeches about quality, one of them that left me speechless was about:

A specific group wanting salary raise so they can guarantee that they will deliver quality!

This was something I could not believe.

Using quality just for there own purpose, their own benefit. For more money!

Quality has nothing to do with your salary.

I think your salary has to be coupled to your diplomas, abilities etc, but not used as a tool to guarantee quality.

Quality has to do with everybody in the company. From head to toe, top to bottom.

Everybody is responsible for quality, for producing quality products (service)

A quality minded environment, thats the key to success.

Owners of companies:
Do you invest in new equipment, in your employees continuous education?
Do you have a vision? Do you get feedback from managers and do something with it?

Leaders/ managers:
Do you communicate with the employees, feedback with them.
Do you treat them as human beings? As important part of the organization?
Do you motivate them to deliver quality products and or services?
Do you listen to your costumers?

Do you do what is being expected from you without being followed the whole day?
Can you be trusted? Are you committed?
Do you share your ideas to improve your organization?

These are very important question that need to be answered, but there are many more.

For a quality management system, you have to have all your documentation in place, but before getting there, there are a lot of very important issues that must be in place, as mentioned before.

Quality is important, and should not be used for personal benefits. Quality has to do with the whole organization:

Everyone is important !


2 thoughts on “Do you really believe in QUALITY?

  1. Hi Luigi – I REALLY like your article. Yes, I do.

    Having been in the ‘Quality / Service Culture’ building in the 80s and 90s, it seems that the newer management, and so-called leaders (by position only), have dropped the ball and are driven again by ‘bottom-line’ quarterly reports.

    EVERY statement and question you propose has deep implications to people, organizations, society, global competition, the market and customers…

    I also appreciate the ‘humorist, and true nature’, of your questions below:

    “But do you really believe in quality? Do you ?

    This is a very important question, and of course the answer will be:
    YES I DO, or YES WE DO.”

    (me- LOL)

    I believe every Sr. Management Team needs to go away for a week and do some ‘tough thinking’ about themselves and their organization and work though your writing as a process and answer all of your questions, for this is the work of leadership.

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