Quality in Healthcare…… there is room for improvement !

Improving Quality in Healthcare.

Being the only organization delivering a special type of care in the health sector, can have a positive, but also a negative consequence. This depends on management and employees of the organization, but also authorities responsible for healthcare.

You as a customer, client, and or patient: Have you ever stood still and analyzed the quality of the service in healthcare where you come from?

This is very important for any community. Normally we neglect it, not because it is not important, but because we have not been there yet, we were not in NEED of that special care YET.

You as a customer (in need of care):

Are you happy with the service, the way they treat you, talk to you, and handle you as a patient, customer or as a human being? Making an appointment for a checkup, and/or a test, do you have to wait for MONTH’s before receiving that special care? Has any professional in the health sector asked you what YOU as a customer expect from them? Or if you are happy with the service he or she (the professional) is giving you?

This is what quality is about, but in most circumstances this IS NOT HAPPENING.

The ones that are on top; those who have the power to improve the quality of the organization delivering care, those are the ones who can motivate the employees to do better then the day before. But you cannot improve anything without effective control points. Are there specific controls points in place to monitor the service, and or products from the government authorities?

Quality in the health sector is crucial. That’s why we need to do something with it, we need to keep improving the system.

Normally a lot of professionals talk about patients, the good care they deliver to them, etc.

But: Do you ask your patients, what they expect from you, or do you just think you know what they expect. Communication is an essential tool and feedback method for you and your customers (patients).

As a quality manager of the Red Cross Blood Bank foundation in Curacao, for us quality is priority # 1. Motivating and training our employees, making them more and more conscious about the importance of delivering good products, and to give good service to: patients, doctors, blood donors, the whole community.

We work with the hospitals on Curacao, but also with hospitals on St Maarten, Bonaire and we support the Blood Bank on Aruba. Producing and delivering blood products of high quality is very crucial, and it’s a 24 hours job. Providing donors with the care and attention they deserve is also very important. So employees have to stay motivated, and communicate every misunderstanding, deviation, and or errors so procedures can be adapted and improved if needed.

Feedback is crucial; there is always ROOM for IMPROVEMENT!

To deliver good service, and / or to produce products with high quality you need many things. Some of which are:

– Motivated and committed employees

– The right equipment

– Documented and updated procedures in place

You can have the best equipment, a very modern and or new BUILDING; if your employees are NOT committed, you will have a very BIG problem. New equipment and/or a modern building are also important, but good management is very important. Also, there must be proper controls in place otherwise there won’t be any data available for improvement.

Quality in the health sector has to be improved. This is true not only for my region, but all over the world. Here, there are a lot of organizations providing care, but NO government institutions checking, and or controlling what is being done, how it is being done, and why it is being done.

There are almost no surveys to get feedback from patients about what they actually want from the institution, and / or if they are happy with the service they are getting.

If we want quality in the Health sector to move forward, something has to be done. Everyone associated with healthcare has to come together and brainstorm about possibilities, to improve the quality in healthcare.

We have one mission: delivering good care and service to all in need of it.

Together we can accomplish this

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