2 Simple but Powerful words for a successful quality management system !

Trust and respect: 2 crucial factors for a quality management system.

Owning / managing (being in charge) of an organization / institution is not easy. There are so many things you have to keep up with. It ain’t a ONE man JOB.

It’s a group / team activity, otherwise your chances for success are very small.

Questions like:

* What do you want to accomplish ?

*Why you want to accomplish it ?

*And how you are going to accomplish it ?

Are just some of the questions You have to answer before you can come up with a plan to accomplish your goals.

After answering these questions, your company needs “employees”. Employees are very important, they are your most valuable resources. Loyal, motivated and inspired employees can help you accomplish anything.

There are two words that are crucial for you to reach your goals, and maintain a good functioning management system.

Two words:

  1. Trust
  2. Respect

Two very simple words, but very powerful when they are present in your organization.


  1. Employees must do what is expected of them. Standard operating procedures that are in place have to be followed precisely. There must be an open two way communication system.
  1. Managers must act on what they say, and not change things without involving employees.

Another very crucial factor in a successful quality management system is Respect.


  1. The way managers communicate with employees and vice versa is important. Listen to your employees (pay attention !), ask for opinions, try to understand and motivate them, so they can deliver good services and products. Your management style is important.


  1. You have to be a Role model. Do what you say, and say what you do, that is the key. Employees will automatically follow you.
  1. Don’t be a leader or a manager; BE BOTH. In this modern world successful managers have to have characteristics of both a leader and a manager

Managers/owners/ leaders, must treat their employees with the respect they deserve. But also vice versa employees must respect their managers. Employees have to respect one another as well, so they can work well together as a team.

So when we look close:

Trust, end respect have a lot to do with communication, behavior, and attitude of both management and employees.

A management system, where all paperwork is 100% present, and NO sign of trust and respect present:

All efforts to accomplish your goals will fail for sure.

Paperwork can be seen as your legs and your arms, BUT without your heart (trust) and mind (respect) you cannot use them effectively.

Employees are vital for the success of your institution. Employees: Internal Customers will always be an important factor, so when we focus on our external customers, we also need to focus on our internal customers.

If they are happy and motivated they will commit themselves to the institution.

Sure there will be conflicts and misunderstandings sometimes; this is normal. But when these moments present themselves, management has to resolve them, and NOT IGNORE them.

It’s all about quality


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