Quality management system and……. “Perseverance”

“Perseverance will get you where you want to be”

When you as an organization want to start implementing a quality management system, it’s not an easy Job.

Some parts will go smoothly, but of course there will be obstacles.

These obstacles are what we call: “Organizational Roadblocks”

Organizational roadblocks are problems you encounter on your way, that prevent you from getting where you want to go.

There are different types of organizational roadblocks management can encounter:

  1. No collaboration between departments (human)
  1. Not all managers believe in the change (human)
  1. Lack of resources (money)
  1. Employees NOT understanding the change (human)
  1. People anxious to see results (human)
  1. Bad change history (human)
  1. Fear of change (human)
  1. Equipment

Roadblocks must be eliminated, in order for your organization to grow.

I will go further with the human part: when the impediment to moving your organization forward are your workers, your employees, and shareholders: PEOPLE

This has a lot to do with change, and how we as managers/leaders communicate these changes with the employees. Your management style (there are different styles) is very important.

“Change” is difficult. This is true not only for employees and managers in your organization, but also for everyone working in any institution. Changing the culture in your organization will take time.

Leaving your comfort zone to do something new, can sometimes lead to frustration.

But we have to remember one thing, if we want to improve our products and or services, the only way we as people/ organizations can do it and stay competitive is thru CHANGE.

Asking people:

-To do something they have never done before

-To do something in a different way

-To do more than they have done before

Makes everybody in the organization feel insecure.

One-way to make it easier is: by creating an awareness of the NEED for change.

Communicate the change, why the change is taking place, and how we are going to implement the change.

This emphasizes again and again the importance of the way we as managers and leaders communicate with the employees.

Try to eliminate resistance. There are several ways of doing this:

– Involving the whole company in the change process

– Let the employees feel that they are important

– Ask for advice and opinions

– Create a team atmosphere

– Better communication

– Better listening skills

– Treat your workers as human beings, and not just as a type of resource

Workers, employees will follow your lead if you do it the right way.

So treat them well, be honest, open, and make them part of your team.

It’s all about quality.

6 thoughts on “Quality management system and……. “Perseverance”

  1. I fully and totally agree Lloyd! It’s all about people: leaders, managers, employees… In any role! There is so much potential for organizations to develop there, to manage it better… But somehow, in business, it is so often ‘oh yeah…how are we going to tell this to our people?’

    People are at the heart of everything we do! And they have so much hidden unfulfilled potential.

    Lets change that 😉 and build high performing sustainable workforces! Join us?

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  2. I always like to relate organizational road blocks to fitness. As a manager you play the part of a coach or a fitness instructor. You constantly reinforce improvement and trim the waste day by day making the organization a more competitive and people more valuable.

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  3. ” A scientist in lab has to make a behavior study on a flea. He put the flea on a glass plate, cuts one of it’s leg and asks him to jump. The flea, in pain but obedient, jumps. Then the scientist cuts another leg and asks the flea to jump again. The flea barely makes a jump but it complies. The story is repeating until the flea runs out of legs. In the end, the scientist starts shouting “Jump!”. The flea remains immobile. “Jump!”. No move from the flea. The scientist goes to the research log and writes down his conclusion: a legless flea loses it’s sense of hearing. ”
    My point is: before trying to change the mindset of the people which you conclude they are the roadblock, start digging for the reason they became a roadblock.

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