The evolution of quality, and quality management; what will the future hold?

Quality leaders like:

Stephen R. Covey: Principle-centered leadership

Walter Shewhart: P-D-C-A, Control charts,

Edwards Deming: P-D-S-A, Top management involvement

Joseph Juran: Quality Trilogy, Pareto analysis, Quality cost measurement

Genichi Taguchi: Concept of robust design, Loss function concepts

Philip Crosby: 4 Absolutes of quality management, Quality cost measurements

Kaoru Ishikawa: Cause and effect diagram, Next operation as a customer

Armand V. Feigenbaum: Total quality control

have provided us with an abundance of information: VALUABLE information.

They have paved the way for us in quality thinking, quality practice, and quality improvement.

Through these quality leaders we have seen quality development in so many ways.

We have seen how quality has developed through the years.

There were some big changes that took place step by step, but we have also seen some huge changes at a revolutionary rate.

Quality and quality management has gone from:

* inspection to prevention

*Systematic Management to Systems Theory

*From telling people what to do to delegating (empowering) workers

Recently we have seen some BIG changes again.

We are talking now about risk and risk management. This is an important step in today’s world. Brainstorming and analyzing the system is a crucial step. It’s necessary for detecting possible risks, their impacts, and specify how to respond to these possible risks.

Responding to the identified risk can be done by the following ways: accepting, avoiding, transferring, and by reducing the risk.

So quality and quality management are still improving.

Companies and organizations have gone through a lot of changes to deliver the best products to their costumers. The purpose of which is to satisfy the customers. We have seen happy costumers, but also angry costumers who leave to do business with someone else.


How will it be in the future?

What do companies have to do to keep their customers?

How will companies and or organizations survive?

What is the future of quality and quality management?

We have seen so many changes, but there are still definitely more to come. New techniques, new ideas, modern quality leaders are brainstorming, adapting, improving quality in so many ways. There are yearly conferences (ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement) to educate, motivate and encourage quality practitioners.

So there are many activities taking place to move quality and quality improvement to the next level.

One thing is for sure:

Organizations will have to keep improving their products and services, because with the opportunities customers have to do business with the whole world (through internet) it will be a challenging time. YOUR COMPANY AND/OR ORGANIZATION HAS TO BE QUALITY MINDED, You have to focus on QUALITY.

Another big difference is the costumer.

Customers know more and more about the product and or service they want.

They read about and research (using internet) the products they want, so the normal consumer customer is becoming like a business customers. He or she wants more details about the product/service, before he or she buys something.

You as a customer, a supplier, a quality practitioner:

What is YOUR vision about quality in the Future?

Is Quality and Quality Management going to be an important item in the future?

My point of view about the future of quality is that:

” Quality will HAVE a crucial place in those organizations and companies who want to survive, and or increase their profits in the future”

It’s all about quality.


2 thoughts on “The evolution of quality, and quality management; what will the future hold?

  1. For me Steve Jobs introduced a paradigm shift to strategic quality thinking by introducing a new trilogy, strategic foresight (into what customers will want), relentless pursuit of superior product quality linked to unparallelled and unimagined service quality. He introduced a radical shift from measuring what the customer already wants to creating what the customer did not know that they wanted. He also introduced the mystique of managing expectation by maintaining absolute secrecy about what product he would bring next. In Steve jobs quality, business strategy and marketing / brand management are all fused into one. This to me my friends is the future of quality unveiled before our eyes in our generation.

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