Quality Around the Christmas Holidays

Quality is very important not just once in a while, but for everyday of the year.

The whole year we discussed quality in almost every aspect.

We talked about and discussed:

  1. Quality gurus
  2. Quality management
  3. Managers/leaders
  4. Communication, but also about:
  5. Documentation
  6. The future of quality, and so many more.

I started this Blog with the intention of spreading quality all over the world; instead I received more out of it.

I received an abundance of feedbacks, comments, ideas, I learned countless things, but one very important part: I MADE so many NEW FRIENDS.

It’s so important to have friends with the same mission/vision: improving the quality of service/products.

And during the last months I have experienced that. Strangers who became MY FRIENDS, and together we discussed and learned from each other. That’s a great part of quality.

Today I just want to take time and discuss a completely different aspect of quality. With Christmas just around the corner I want to talk about:

Quality around the Christmas holidays.

Some of you would immediately think that i am going to talk about the quality of the service/products during the holidays; quality of:

  1. Christmas lights
  2. Decorations
  3. Christmas tree
  4. The food
  5. ………..

All these are very important.

But my December topic will be about the quality of time you spend with your friends and family. This is for VERY important to me.

We live, do, work and enjoy quality 24/7. It’s our passion, our desire to improve, to deliver what the costumer wants/expects.

And sometimes we forget that the Christmas holidays are special.

It’s that time of the year that we come together to share time, love and awesome food. It’s the time of the year that we dedicate extra time to our loved ones.

The quality of love you share with your circle during the Christmas holidays is important, sharing love is caring, and has to do with quality. Everywhere you look, quality will make a difference.

Quality time spent with friends and family is so important. Believe me you will notice it’s benefits back in your everyday work.

From Curaçao where I work and live, I want to thank all of you who followed my Blog in 2015, everyone who gave feedback, and or comments (positive and or negative). It has been a very great year sharing and discussing quality aspects with a great group of friends.

I have learned a lot, and try everyday to learn even more. I will be posting new topics in 2016. I will be back with much more about quality.

My favorite quote for this time of the year will always be this one:

“At Christmas, all roads lead home”

-Marjorie Holmes


To all: A happy HOLIDAY Season


Ing. Luigi F. Sille, ASQ CMQ/OE, CQA, CQPA, CQIA

Quality Manager

Red Cross Blood Bank Foundation


One thought on “Quality Around the Christmas Holidays

  1. Such a great sentiment. Life is so busy we must take time to understand why we do what we do. To be happy a friend told me there’s 4 x quadrants he fulfils to have a happy life. Take this philosophy and apply it and you won’t go too far wrong:
    Q1 x take care of your family
    Q2 x take care of business
    Q3 x take care of your health
    Q4 x give something back to the community

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