“A Successful 2017 Quality year”

2017, a new year with new challenges.

This year, organizations will have some big challenges.

We are talking about customer demands, getting more customers and forming a partnership with them.

Each year we as organizations have to keep ahead of customer demands. Quality improvement is an important part of the whole system.

To keep improving management has a very important role. Not only management; quality professionals have to be motivated, and keep up to date with new challenges, and changes as well. But what’s nice about quality is: you have to challenge yourself to do better each and every day.

Sit with your team and your colleagues, and go through all the accomplishments of 2015. Were there a lot, or a few, or nothing at all? Discuss what you think can be done better, and from the first week of 2017, start making plans with that specific goal in mind. Changes are a big and important part of quality development and growth. It’s the key to improving, to correcting, and to making adjustments.

To get where you want to be it’s sometimes necessary to make changes, I mean really big changes.

Types of changes one can make to get their organization where they want:

Strategic …………new business or markets

Technological…….automation or modernization

Structural ……….changing organizational structure

Changing attitudes………human attitude and behaviors

To make these kinds of changes, owners, leaders and or managers have to BELIEVE in these changes. Otherwise you will sit, discuss and make plans, but you wont get any further than that.

Planning is crucial!

Companies can use management tools to plan for the future. Just to mention some very useful quality management tools I would bring up:

  1. Affinity Diagram (Grouping technique)
  2. Tree Diagrams (organizing ideas)
  3. Matrix diagrams
  4. Activity Network Diagram (project planning and estimation tool)

Quality Management tools are important for an organization.

But before making use of these management tools, we need to get information about the past year, our “weak points”. Where do we need to make adjustments, and or changes? What can we improve?

To get this information one could make use of the seven quality control tools. These tools have been around for a while, and still I know a lot of organizations neglect them or they are not so familiar with them.

Tools like:

  1. Cause and effect diagrams
  2. Process Mapping
  3. Pareto Diagrams

These are some very important tools that we as managers/leaders can use to get to the real problem(s) and try to fix and or improve the process.

Quality management is not a one mans job. It’s a team effort, and with team I mean THE WHOLE ORGANIZATION. From head to toe.

Focus on quality, on quality improvement with an open communication channel through the whole organization.

In 2015 and 2016 I made a great group of friends. For 2017 I would love to keep working closely with you too. The quality world is so amazing, and challenging and with your support and input I would love to keep inspiring and motivating others to join us in this quality journey.

In 2017 I need your help, I need you as a quality professional to help me spread the word. Help me share quality all over the world.

Can I count on you?

Thank you and have an inspiring and successful quality year!


“It’s all about Quality”






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