QQT (Quality Question Time)

Today i am starting a new section on my Blog. Hope to get comments/feedback from all of you so together we can improve Quality everywhere.

Thanks again for your time and dedication to Quality.

? Is the role of a quality professional important in your organization ?


“It’s all about Quality”




3 thoughts on “QQT (Quality Question Time)

  1. Yess of course. Without a quality management system you can’t achieve the top range of your service you’re giving. Quality let you be more aware of your steps you’re taking in your environmental space you’re working in. To do what you’re doing the best you can!

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  2. No, it looks like the organization that I joined had a bad experience with a big honk in’ binder. Our new quality journey is going to have to be a lot more subtle.


  3. Yes.
    In Manufacturing, where 1/4ly or year over year results are reviewed, with and without a Quality Lead person, realize, they made a huge mistake by not hiring a Quality professional, for three reasons:
    1. The Operational side of the organisation is typically about maximizing resources to gain profit and just ‘get er done’. Behind the scenes, if those ‘processes’ are not sustained, those resources deteriorate, every time. Quality Professionals do this.
    2. CI opportunities are endless. Coordinating events, emphatically mentoring peers and subordinates always positively impacts the bottom line and improves the working environment.
    3. Coordinating key processes like Calibration, Document Control, Audits, Corrective Actions, APQPs and PPAPs etc…in a manor that will assure the operations and be auditable by customers of 3rd parties.

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