QQT(Quality Question Time)

One important aspect to remember is that:

Quality is MORE then just paperwork and/or documentation.

If you as a quality professional have to start your quality journey within your organization from “scratch”, what is the BEST way to do it?


“It’s all about Quality”

4 thoughts on “QQT(Quality Question Time)

  1. The ISO standards are good … and quality culture is a good suggestion. But the single most important thing is having a leadership team that truly understands the intent of a QMS. Many leaders agree a QMS is a good thing but they have no idea what it is and then inadvertently sabotage it thru lack of understanding and support. As a newbie it is key to educate the leadership team and gain their full understanding.

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  2. When implementing new systems… don’t focus on compliance, focus on added value. The standards compel us to develop the systems, because they make good business sense. But the systems only become effective if they add value to Operations. Otherwise, they are just Hoops. Oh… and develop systems that work within operations, rather parallel.


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