Careers in quality….. year 2016

The world of quality is undergoing many changes. It’s a new ERA, new technologies, and new possibilities. Nowadays customers are more up to date about the products and/or services they want/expect. With the opportunity customers have to search online, and read all the information about the products they want to get, quality professionals will have some very busy and challenging times ahead. To react to this situation, quality professionals should do their utmost effort to be a step ahead of their customers.

Being competitive is the only way organizations can survive in the future.

This can be done through creativity and innovation. Through customer surveys and brainstorming sessions, quality professionals can guarantee continuous improvement. This allows us to anticipate the needs and wants of our clients.

Starting as a new quality professional these days is a challenge. One important aspect to remember is that quality is NOT a one man task, it’s teamwork. And for a good functioning team input from everybody is necessary. Be open to comments, ideas and new opportunities. Improve yourself through getting more involved in quality communities and/or groups. And always be an example to others.

I am very passionate about quality, and in 2016 I want to motivate more and more people around the globe to participate in quality improvement. Quality greatly influenced my organization and I. Quality means a lot to me not only at work but also in my personal life.

“It’s all about Quality”


Roundtable: Influential Voices on Careers in Quality

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