QQT (Quality Question Time)

Every organization has to deal with Customer Complaints.

Complaints are a second chance to turn dissatisfied customers into satisfied customers.

In other words, complaints are a GREAT TOOL for continuous improvement.

1. You as a quality professional, HOW DO YOU DEAL with Complaints?

2. And what will be the NEXT step?

2 thoughts on “QQT (Quality Question Time)

  1. Very important the communication. If a problem occurs at the Customer due to poor quality of our product, we still have the chance to keep the Customer’s satisfaction. The Customer must be before all and all the employees must keep it in mind. The key is how fast you (your team) are and how you support your Customer. You must provide information continuosly by yourself. Bad thing if Customer is forced to ask. But we also have to ask the Customer for missing data we cannot go further without. We got a serious problem at one of our Customer in the past. We handled it and asked the satisfaction of that Customer (among others) by a survay later. On the question “How satisfied are you with the quality of our product?” the Customer answered not satisfied. That is because we got that issue. On the question “How satisfied are you with our deeling with complaints?” the Customer sad satisfied and also explained why (reaction was very fast and communication very good and initiative). So we are good in deeling with complaints. Now it is the time to prevent such issues in the future. We will do all our best to reach that target.

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