The Power of a TEAM

The power of…………. a TEAM.

So many people are talking about forming teams, and the do’s and don’ts about teams.

But are teams really important?

Who can be part of a team?

What’s the importance of a team?


Let’s start defining what a TEAM is:

A TEAM is a group of people working together to accomplish a mission.

In the past, not everybody was happy about teams, and so they didn’t believe in them, one could say that some managers were against teams. (I hope this is NOT the case nowadays!)

Creating a team is not an easy task. There are so many aspects you have to cope with. Aspects like:

– Creating a team charter

– Selecting an initial project

– Team size

– Team members

There are different types of TEAMS. Every type of team has its own benefits and purpose

  1. Process improvement teams
  2. Project teams
  3. Cross Functional teams
  4. Self directed teams
  5. Six Sigma teams
  6. Quality teams
  7. Etc.

The fundamental purpose of a team is to improve the quality of service and/or products of an organization.

What improves the chances of a team succeeding in getting their job done?

That is: Its members. The members of any team are crucial for the success of the team.

Selecting members for a team is therefore an important part of the process.

Normally management selects the team leader. Either management and/or the team leader can select members.

When selecting the members the leader and/or management need to identify the competences needed.

These are:

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Skills

After choosing team members, the leader (or management) must bring some structure into the team.

Any Team needs:

A leader (focus on the result)

A Secretary (maintain the team minutes /agenda)

Members (trust, respect, and supporting each other are key elements of members)

And in some cases a facilitator (Focus on the process)

In a team, every member has their own responsibilities. And it’s crucial for the effectiveness of the team.

But what are the benefits of team processes?

  • It increases ownership
  • Innovation
  • Continuous improvement of products/services
  • Objective analysis of deviations
  • Increases knowledge
  • Feeling of commitment

 We can definitely say that teams help you and your organization move forward, stay competitive, and in doing so, being and staying successful. Organizations can for sure get so many positive outcomes from a well-functioning team.

But the most important factor in the success of any team is: management.

Management has to:

  •  Believe in team process, and also support the team.

(Team building is important)

  •  Empowering the team to take action is important

(Team members have control over the performance of the team)

  • Evaluate, monitor, and measure the performance (progress) of the team. This is also very important, so you can monitor the team progress.


And one last aspect management forgets almost every time is that teams have to be rewarded and recognized afterwards.

It can be very positive for the team members. It’s a sense of pride for the members.

It doesn’t have to be money, a simple “thank you “can do WONDERS.

But again, recognition is an important tool to motivate your employees.




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