QQT (Quality Question Time)


Tacit knowledge: this is the type of knowledge that is present in the minds of the people (professionals).

Sharing this knowledge is crucial.


Do you as a Quality Professional, share your knowledge with colleagues, and or those around you?

“It’s all about Quality”


4 thoughts on “QQT (Quality Question Time)

  1. Quality Improvement tacit knowledge is about its cultural aspects, in my view. I manage an internal process improvement team within a company, so I am familiar with its culture – unwritten rules, where/who the black holes are, true values of the organization, taboos, etc. I make it a point to impart this information to my team as we go about our work. I also share my tacit knowledge of how to successfully work with people, generally, gained over a lot of years of experience. This all helps us be more successful in our improvement efforts. We also try to record and share best practices that are created as we improve operations, which is another form of tacit knowledge sharing.

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  2. This is a good topic. Loss of tacit knowledge often happens when people retire of leave for other reasons. Unless you have a sound workforce planning process that incorporates a mechanisms to pass on this vital element then lots of time is wasted in future re-learning/same mistake making etc etc. The tacit stuff by its nature is unrecorded and difficult to access, sometimes even by the person who possess it. So the mechanism of retrieving it and sharing it must take this into consideration.

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