QQT (Quality Question Time)

Management styles

There are several ways to manage an organization.

To mention a few:

  1. Manage by facts (data collection and removal of distortion)
  2. Empowerment (Sharing power with the employees)
  3. Situational leadership (Can change depending on the situation)
  4. Behavioral Approach to management (employee behavior and motivation is important)

Management styles can vary from telling employees what to do, to a more democratic approach.

My personal opinion:

To succeed, management has to use a combination of the different management styles.

My favorite is EMPOWERING. Empowering employees can benefit any organization; it definitely has to be part of the whole combination of management styles.

1.Quality professionals and non-professionals, which management styles do you think will be more beneficial to your organization?

2.Which one are you more familiar with?


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