QQT (Quality Question Time)

There are different organizational maturity Levels:

  1. Dysfunctional level: Voice of the customer is not so important, workplace un-organized /unclean, Jobs always rushed
  2. Awakening system: Customer focus is a goal, training is important.
  3. Developing system: Customer involvement is requested, workers qualification system is in place.
  4. Maturing system: Employees are integrated into the systems, quality improvement is visible in all areas (customers, employees, suppliers), shorter cycle times, error prevention.
  5. World-class system: The key is to retain satisfied customers. Preventive maintenance important to improve quality, workplace is clean, and employees are controlling their own work.

Quality Question Time:

A…….What is your organization maturity level?

B…….And what can be done to reach the next level?

Thank you for your time to discuss and improve QUALITY !



6 thoughts on “QQT (Quality Question Time)

  1. In response to ‘A’, my company’s Quality posture is probably in the high 3s to low 4s. As for ‘B’, I’d like to also see more cross-functional training for enrichment as well as production flexibility. When you invest in people, they feel empowered to invest themselves. Win-win!

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  2. A…….What is your organization maturity level?

    2 – 3
    Very new to this 🙂

    B…….And what can be done to reach the next level?

    Building a fun LEAN Culture by daily coaching at the source of the work.
    Starting off with daily 5S, Quick improvements on work looking at the eight wastes slowing building confidence by Recognising & Rewarding the people.
    Then introducing standard work and allowing improvements on the standard work with teachings throughout.

    I was thinking of after this to work on certain processes by working on the value stream maps and showing everyone what results LEAN can create, further building the confidence in the LEAN way.

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      1. Lower level processes must be in place before higher levels can be attained.
        You have to do with: People, Processes, Technology, and Data. technology it’s the most expensive. You have a great plan JUST DO IT, and make sure that the people working are part of the process.


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