ASQ October 2016 Roundtable Topic

ASQ’s October 2016 Roundtable topic.

The topic for the October 2016 roundtable is:

How can employers leverage quality to invite innovation?

Some companies choose to use monetary rewards to motivate their employees.

Other companies rely on using open and collaborative environments.

Some focus on idea sharing between colleagues. What is the most effective technique?

By now everyone knows what quality is, what it stands for, and what a great impact it can have for any organization.

Nowadays the competition is very tough, and organizations have to do a lot to stay in the game. So companies/organizations must go the extra mile. They must think and do something more, something extra: something customers have not anticipated.

This bring us to two very important aspects:

Creativity and Innovation

1.Creativity is the first part: it’s about thinking outside the box, about being creative.

2.Innovation is making these ideas reality: make them happen.

Innovation is crucial in present business.

It’s the only way to stay competitive in this modern world, and believe it or not: innovation is everywhere.

Employers can benefit a lot by creating an innovation culture in their organization.

Building an innovation culture starts with the right mindset. It must start from the top of the organization.

Creating a culture for innovation in your organization means that the top of the organization must:

-Listen (and be willing) to identify opportunities, ideas: Sometimes the greatest ideas don’t come from experts

-Take the creativity step (thinking of new ideas: brainstorming)

-Generating new ideas

– Leaders and managers must give their visible support.

One very important aspect about Innovation is, that it has to do with change. Adapting to the fast paced world we live in.

Change is sometimes scary. It’s about moving out of your comfort zone.

So, when organizations embrace quality, innovation, innovation culture, and change, organizations can’t forget about one of the most important factors. These are their employees.

Employees are the most valuable asset any company can have. They are the center point in this process. Employees can support the change/ innovation, or they can hinder it.

Committed employees deliver more then you can imagine. They are dedicated, they can be trusted, and you can count on them for their input, feedback to correct and/or improve the quality of products and or service.

But how can employers motivate employees to take part, in this innovation/change process?

There are many ways to do this. It depends on what you as an organization believe in, and thus what could work for your institution.

1.Some organizations believe it has to do with money. So they use monetary rewards.

  1. Others use open and collaborative environments
  2. Others idea sharing between colleagues.

Employers can use different methods to motivate their workers.

Tangible rewards: promotion, raise can motivate employees. It looks like a way to motivate employees, but it’s very costly and it only works for a short period of time, it also doesn’t motivate everyone.

Intangible rewards: public recognition, empowerment, are non-monetary motivation methods.

Tangible and intangible rewards motivate each employee differently, and not the same way each time.

The most effective technique: there is NONE.

The most effective way to motivate employees is a combination of Tangible and Intangible rewards.

My personal opinion:

-Just the feeling of an employee being important to the organization, and have an input in the development and improvement in the quality of the product and or service will make miracles.

-Employees want to be respected as human beings.

-An empowered employee is maybe more motivated to perform better, than just rewarding him or her with money.

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