Quality: Basic Principles

This is a guest post by Giovanni Eugenia.


Quality: Basic Principles

Over the past few years I’ve dedicated much of my time to help organizations improve their level of quality. To be more specific, my focus was primarily on giving advice on how different companies could grow and provide quality services to the consumer.

How? By working on the development of policies that focus on Quality improvement and by providing support on how to create Qualitatively good Employees. I am often approached with a very specific request, be it to give a training, to do service analyses or to help settle a conflict between employees. But when I look at the requests, I often wonder what the purpose is. Because Quality is not just solving an existing problem, and hoping it will never happen again.

Quality is a way of life!

Now what does it take to work on Improving Quality? As an Occupational Health Psychologist I use the following rule. It’s called the M.A.C-rule and it stands for Mindset, Action, Commitment! Let me explain:

Mindset – This is basically your attitude towards Quality Improvement. Now some people say that they want to see Improvement. At the same time, they are not willing to change. See where I’m going with this? Improvement by definition requires a willingness to change from the status quo. An unwillingness to change therefore means that Improvement of Quality is not possible.

Action – If you are willing to change and therefore are willing to work on Improving Quality, you have to start taking Action. Now what do I mean when I say Action? It means that you have to be mobile, you have to be dynamic, you have to make things happen. You start by making a plan, you gather the required resources, you implement, you evaluate and you adapt where needed. So having a positive Mindset with regards to Quality, does not Improve Quality unless you take Action.

Finally Commitment – Now when we talk about Quality, it’s not just a one time thing. Like mentioned before, Quality is a way of life. So you got to keep working on it every day and make sure that the adequate steps are taken to sustain that mission of Improving Quality. Lack of Commitment will in all cases result in failure to keep your Quality standards high.

What does this mean when you look at the area of Human Resource Management? Simple. It means that you have to have a positive attitude towards developing the qualities of your employees. You have to take adequate action to inspire and motivate them to become the best they can be. And finally you have to be committed in making your employees priority number one when it comes to developing their qualities.

And if I can be very radical for a minute (which I like to be from time to time), then maybe we should start looking if Human Quality Development is not a better name than Human Resource Management. Food for thought.

Kind regards,

Giovanni Eugenia


Name: Giovanni Eugenia                    Photo.jpg

Age: 32

Profession: Business Consultant, Occupational Health Psychologist


As an Occupational Health Psychologist, my primary focus is to see people reach their maximum potential through the development of their own unique individual qualities. I believe that people’s weaknesses are opportunities in disguise and that making use of, and developing people’s strengths are key to improving Quality within any organization. That’s why in 2012 I started my own consultancy bureau, Advance Business Consulting to help companies reach their full potential through the development of their employees.


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