How can we prevent quality professionals from being perceived as a “thing of the past”?

ASQ March 2017 Roundtable Topic

The topic for the March 2017 roundtable is:

How can we prevent quality professionals from being perceived as a “thing of the past”?

 Everybody has his or her own opinion / interpretation of the word Quality. But why is quality important? Are Quality professionals still needed, and what is their added value to an organization?

Quality is a process. It’s a process that can help any organization in their journey for continual improvement. Continuous improvement of their products and/or services, this is one of the most important aspects of a quality management system. Continuous improvement has an influence on customers. Customer satisfaction is another important aspect of a quality management system. Customer satisfaction is the key to staying in business.

Nowadays most senior management is heavily involved in quality. They are aware of what quality can mean to their organization. But on the other hand, some senior managers and or owners do little to nothing to keep improving their organization. They focus more on the short term profits instead of long term. They are focused on one thing: MAKING MONEY NOW!

This in turn can have a negative effect on the company. What can we, as quality professionals do to turn this around?

We, as quality professionals, must keep doing our job and keep showing senior management where they can eliminate waste, improve the quality of the products and/or service. Better quality results in happy clients, so we can talk about customer retention, and getting new customers.

We need to show them that our actions will have a positive impact on the organization. Senior management has to become an active part of the whole quality management system. In the past people thought that quality professionals were like COPS of an organization. We, as quality professionals, we are NO COPS; we are here to guide the process, to coach and educate others. Quality Professionals are a part of the TEAM, and are not ABOVE the TEAM.

We are very valuable for any organization trying to move on, trying to deliver better quality of products and/or service. Quality professionals need to put more emphasis on prevention rather than inspection, more emphasis on coaching, educating and inspiring others to deliver quality.

We need to work as a TEAM, to keep improving the process.

 What adaptations need to occur in the quality industry as a whole and on the individual level to revitalize the industry and attract the next generation of quality professionals? 

If you ask around, a lot of people don’t even know what quality professionals do.

While attending school quality was never brought up, it never even occurred to me that a career in quality was possible. Why is that?

When I started attending the ASQ WCQI, I realized that quality professionals were becoming more and more active. But when you leave after the conference, what then?

What do you as a quality professional do to motivate, educate and inspire others around you?

This lack of information is something we as quality professionals need to brainstorm about, we need to try to come up with ideas to educate and inform the community about what quality is all about.

We as quality professionals must do more. Start educating people close to us, like family and friends. Talk about quality, the importance of quality, continual improvement, customer satisfaction, and what we as quality professionals do.

It’s up to us quality professionals to educate the community, so progressively more young adults get interested/inspired to start their journey as a quality professional.

Quality professionals are NOT a dying group.

It’s up to us as quality professionals to spread the word!


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