Customer had a bad experience…. What’s the next step?

Customers are very important. I think by now, everybody, every organization/company/ or institution is aware of that. Organizations cannot survive without customers. This is why organizations are becoming more and more customer focused. Customer satisfaction has become (if they want to stay in business) priority number one for every organization.

Your organization can do everything to satisfy your customers, but organizations/companies dealing with customers can, at any moment, have to deal with angry or unhappy customers. I am talking about customers who have had a NEGATIVE experience.

You can have a 100% customer focused organization, but having to deal with an unhappy customer, is not only possible, but it is something that will definitely take place. Dealing with customers (don’t even try to forget your internal customers), you can expect it to happen.

When organizations have to deal with unhappy or angry customers, this can affect their organization. It can have a very negative impact on your company.

Customers having a bad, or a negative experience with an organization can react in different ways.

Let’s discuss some of them:

– Customers can stop doing business with you.

Unhappy customers can very easily start doing business with other organizations. So you lose customers. When I say: lose customers, I mean of course that you lose MONEY, also possibly more new customers.

– Customers spend less money at your organization.

Unhappy customers buy less and less products from you. And the reason they are still buying products from you is because maybe you have a unique product. Having a unique product will NOT make the situation safe for you, because they will keep looking for other options, other alternatives.

– They talk about this negative experience with friends and family.

Unhappy customers normally spread their negative experience with 10 to 20 people. This in turn can have a big impact on your organization. You lose customers and also prospective customers.


What can we do? What can be done when we have an unhappy or angry customer?

Let me remind everyone that: An unhappy customer can be seen as a TERRORIST. He or she can have a negative influence on your company. Customer complaints are a way to make things better.

The way we react to the complaint, the way we try to solve this negative experience is important. Getting everything back in place, and giving the customer a feeling that his or her problem has been solved is the most important characteristic of a customer- focused organization.

What can be done when organizations have to deal with unhappy customers?

1.Organizations have to react quickly.

Let the customer know that you care. Listen to them and try to resolve the misunderstanding as soon as possible.

2.Try to get to the root of the problem.

This is a way to eliminate the problem from occurring again, with other customers. So: a second chance to improve your products, and or service

3.Offer a solution as soon as possible.

When it takes too long to resolve a problem, customers will leave your company as easy as that. When customers feel that you care, you can win them back.


A sincere apology can do miracles. Let them feel that you are sorry, and you will have this customer for a lifetime.

  1. Offer a discount/refund, or a free product.

Sometimes we not only have to apologize, but we have to provide a tangible resolution.

Organizations have to remember that mistakes happen.

It’s common that mistakes happen. The way we react and try to solve the error or misunderstanding, that is the most important part in getting everything back in place. Service recovery is a very important part of a customer-focused organization.





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