As Industry 4.0 continues to evolve, what can quality professionals do to ensure they will be an integral asset throughout this industrial revolution?

ASQ Roundtable Topic

As Industry 4.0 continues to evolve, what can quality professionals do to ensure they will be an integral asset throughout this industrial revolution? 

Being a quality manager, I am someone who strives for continuous improvement; making procedures / processes more efficient and also more effective. Continuous Improvement has to do with CHANGE, and Quality Management is the KEY for making products, and/or services better for the end users (customers). In other words Quality Management has to do with CHANGE, and change management. That’s why quality professionals have a crucial Job.

When we look at these changes, one thing is obvious; these changes are taking place at a rapid pace. The world is evolving at an incredible speed.

I am talking about technological innovations.

Technological innovations (technological changes), are related to technological development, and progress. These innovations contribute to some huge changes in the way we operate as a society; RADICAL CHANGES.

Changes that will impact the way we live, work, and connect to one another. The fourth industrial Revolution is developing quickly.

These changes can have major impacts on humans, companies, and also the way companies are going to do business in the future.

So my next important question will be: How are companies going to do business in the future, and what part will the quality professional play throughout this industrial revolution.

The way of doing business will change dramatically:

-Fast changes in the digital area means that the world is becoming smaller. Everybody can do business all over the world. So there will be NO limitations in where/who we choose to affiliate ourselves with. We experience videoconferences, mobile devices, so office work will become somewhat obsolete in certain areas.

-Partnerships between organizations will become more widespread. This partnership will be close with one specific aspect in mind: to have a win-win situation for every partner.

-One other thing that we will experience is that: we will see everybody (customers, organizations, and partners) working together to develop new opportunities (the win-win relationship). Consumer engagement and new consumer behavior will lead to companies adapting the way they used to make and/or deliver products and services. Continuous improvement is present, and ALIVE.

When we look at the different changes, these are changes that are already taking place. It’s already HAPPENING.

All these changes are taking place with just one purpose in mind:


What will the role of the Quality professional be throughout the industrial revolution?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will have an impact on everyone. It will change what we do and how we do it: It has an impact on our careers.

Looking at the rapid changes, I think that we quality professionals have to keep educating ourselves, come together and brainstorm about new programs that fit this new ERA. Quality will always be a very crucial aspect for every organization. So the presence of quality professionals is very important. But the way we are used to working, doing our jobs will change (it has already been changing).

The Fourth Industrial revolution will have some huge impacts, but in the end it will all come down to PEOPLE. We have to improve the future, where we can all live happily, and in peace. I look forward to a future where people are our first priority. Where we educate them properly, and after that, empower them. Technical innovations can also have a negative impact on people, but on the other hand it can push mankind to use their skills (creativity) to lift us to the next level.

“It’s all about Quality”




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