Time for a Quality Question…..

There are different levels of organizational maturity.

Level 1: Dysfunctional system

  • Voice of the customer is not often heard
  • Bad workflow
  • Unorganized workplace: Chaotic
  • No TEAM
  • Management by Command
  • Almost NO commitment
  • One way communication: TOP-DOWN
  • Customer gets a product or service of POOR quality

Level 2: Awakening system

  • Quality steering committee present
  • Customer is important
  • Training of employees is also present
  • There are teams present
  • Weekly meetings
  • Quality below the industry norm

Level 3: Developing system

  • Customer involvement is present
  • Work area: CLEAN
  • Employee qualification system is present
  • Active teams to ensure continuous improvement
  • Data gathering is important
  • Quality is equal to industry norm

Level 4: Maturing system

  • Customers, employees, and suppliers are all part of the system
  • Prevent errors, this is the way to do it
  • PDSA cycle is running
  • Self-manage teams present
  • Customers and continuous improvement is very important
  • Quality above industry norm

Level 5: World-class system

  • Satisfy and retain customers
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Preventive actions to improve quality
  • Management is actively involved in continuous improvement
  • Employees are committed
  • Employees are empowered
  • World class quality


Quality Question Time… QQT:

Where do you categorize your organization?

What do you do as an organization, to move to the NEXT LEVEL?

“It’s all about Quality”



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