Quality Question Time (QQT)

New employees normally enter a company eager to Work, Produce, and Learn. But when they receive there first criticism based on their performance, they lose interest. Can you mention some obstacles preventing Pride in Work?   “What Quality is, and what it will become, wont be what it was yesterday”  Luigi Sille  & Mallika Sille

A new year is around the corner….QQT

A new year is around the corner. There are several important areas in someone’s life. Carrier Financial Education Family Pleasure Etc Quality Question Time( QQT): As a Quality professional, or as an employee of any organization: Do you have a specific plan for continual learning and personal improvement for the upcoming year (2019)? Is there … More A new year is around the corner….QQT

Quality Question Time (Nov 2018)

Defining customer expectations is NOT an easy task. Customer roles:   1         End users  (people who use the product) 2          Brokers (Transfer the product to someone else who will use it; they have the most    interaction with end-users/ producers) 3          Fixers (repair, modify the product when it’s broken) QQT (Quality Question Time): Do you … More Quality Question Time (Nov 2018)