Pandemic, social distancing, mental health…..Quality Question Time

COVID-19 pandemic is still causing misery. One way to slow the spread is through social distancing. We humans are Not used to staying away from friends, family, people we care about for such a long period of time. Quality Question time (QQT) What are the effects of social distancing on mental health? Is social distancing affecting our … More Pandemic, social distancing, mental health…..Quality Question Time

Quotes about Leadership… Sept 2021

“Rare are the leaders of organizations who will tell you that their people don’t matter.  However, there is a big difference between understanding the value of the people inside an organization and actually making decisions that consider their needs.  It’s like saying, “my kids are my priority,” but always putting work first. What kind of … More Quotes about Leadership… Sept 2021

Quality Question Time

COVID-19 is a global crisis. It is still causing misery, and unrest. Nowadays we are dealing with potentially more infectious variants. One way to stop this pandemic is through vaccination.  Global vaccination is the KEY to saving LIVES. Getting vaccinated against COVID 19 is NOT mandatory, it is a choice. The only thing we need … More Quality Question Time

Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. Nowadays almost everybody is talking about Emotional Intelligence (EI), and the importance of it.  It’s like a new hype.  Personally I really do believe in Emotional Intelligence, and through my career as a Quality Manager, I have learned, managed, and practiced it a lot. I have experienced huge changes not only … More Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

Quality Question Time… Leadership theories

There are 3 well known leadership theories. The Great Man Theory.  This theory is based on great people determined by fate and fulfilling their destiny. The Trait Theory. This theory is based on the idea that leaders are born, not made. The Transformational Theory. This Theory is based on a process where leaders interact with … More Quality Question Time… Leadership theories