Written by: Ir. Marcelino R.J. de Lannoy ASQ CQM, CQA, CQIA, CQT September 2018 FOUR STAGES TO QUALITY Introduction Edwards Deming first popularized the very essence of continues improvement in 1959 in Japan with the now so commonly known PDCA-cycle. This cycle, also known as the “Deming Cycle”, consists of four very essential sequential stages … More FOUR STAGES TO QUALITY

Quality Question Time (QQT) …July 2018

This week I am reading the following book: Quality without Tears from Philip B. Crosby.(Got it from my Niece) In his book, Crosby was talking about: Managers getting employees turned on: Motivating employees. Philip Crosby had two very important questions about this particular topic. “Why do we need a special program to motivate our people?” … More Quality Question Time (QQT) …July 2018