About Me

I am Ing. Luigi F. Sille.        untitled.JPG

Senior Member of the ASQ. Very passionate about Quality.

Residence: Curaçao

Quality Manager of the Red Cross Blood Bank Foundation.

– 2013: ASQ Certified Quality Improvement Associate


– 2014: ASQ Certified Quality Process Analyst


– 2014: ASQ Certified Quality Auditor


– 2015: ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence


Contributor to the ASQ “Influential Voices” programASQ Blogger logo-white-web.jpg

ASQ Technical Reviewer Quality Progress Magazine 105067.jpg

Consultant/Expert for Sanquin Consulting Services (Amsterdam)

Member Editorial Review Board of the Quality Management Forum, ASQ (QMD)QMF.jpg

Purpose of the Blog: Share quality all over the world.

Quality management is a business principle that ensures excellence in a company’s products, services, and internal processes.

Companies that implement quality management programs use the information from them to identify weaknesses, faults, areas for improvement and strengths.

This gives the company the ability to set standards, make adjustments as needed and to offer greater value overall to their customer base.

Although the approach to solving quality issues varies with different programs, the goal remains the same – to create a high quality, high-performing product or service that meets and exceeds internal and external customer expectations.

When companies focus on quality management, they create a plan for success.


Luigi F. Sillé

“It’s all about Quality”


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